Enjoy a fully working Dryer by having LAR's professionals repair it!

It is essential to have a working fridge in any household. Our technicians can handle any problem you are experiencing with your refrigerator! LAR Appliance Repair can diagnose and repair a wide range of fridge and freezer brands.

LAR's technicians will take care of your dryer!

LAR's professional repairmen will diagnose the issue with your dryer and do the necessary work to get it working again as soon as possible. Here is a list of a few commonly encountered dryer issues our technicians have repaired:

  • Cleaning and replacement of dryer filters
  • Replacement of dryer drum
  • Repair or replacement of defective thermostat
  • Unblocking air pumps
  • Fix issues with ventillation
  • Diagnose and repair electrical faults
  • Replacement and repair of door, switches, hinges, and handle
  • Repair or replacement of the thermal fuse
  • Replacement of a faulty circuit board
  • Reaplacement of faulty wires
  • And many more!

Dryer Lint

Your dryer accumulates large amounts of lint over time. Lint builds up within the vent, inside the machine, and can get attached to the heating element. When this happens, the lint could cause the dryer to overheat and, potentially, catch on fire.

That is why it is critical to clean the lint trap every time you use your dryer. And that is also a reason that every time LAR's technicians work with dryers, they also clean them from the inside.